The average American watches more than 4 hours of television a day.

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Internet Direct

Do you have a product or service that does not fit the traditional model of DRTV?  We have a solution for that as well.  Our InternetDirect program is a perfect vehicle for products and services that are not distinctive or necessarily impulse purchases.  This can be especially beneficial for an item that has multiple color choices, or different patterns, like clothing.  It’s great for food items, especially if there are multiple flavors or varieties.  Others have used it to increase traffic to a site offering specific services, such as small businesses.  An InternetDirect spot is normally a thirty second ad that showcases a product or service but directs viewers to your website as opposed to calling an 800 number.  We will produce the commercial and air it for a specified time, depending on the budget.  These commercials can be focused on local or national markets, depending on your goals.