Is DRTV Right For Your Product?

While there are many different products offered through direct response in various categories and price points, they generally share some of the same attributes. We look for items that are unique and different, either a new concept or an improvement on an existing product (“a better mousetrap”). Products have to be easily demonstrated on television so that viewers can understand the concept. Generally the item will fit into a problem-solution scenario, creating a need to immediately purchase your product. Products that are directed to a large segment of consumers are usually more appealing; however a product with a targeted audience can be successful if there is a corresponding outlet (such as a golf training aid that can be aired on The Golf Channel). There are several other factors that determine whether or not a product has potential to do well, and there are always exceptions. This is why we conduct an exhaustive analysis before agreeing to work with a product in our DRTV Premier Program. Should we take on a project, be assured you have the full resources of Landmark Direct to produce and run the best Direct Response campaign possible.

With all products, we are searching for long term relationships. We not only want to sell your product on television, but in catalog and retail as well. DRTV is a superior method for launching products on television, and the halo effect it creates ensures success down the line in catalog and retail sales as well. Conservative estimates show seven to eight units sell at retail for every one that sells on television.

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